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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mgt211 Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Mgt211 Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Total 69 Question in which 62 questions are Multiple Choices Subjective Question : 1. Define Budgeting 2. Nonverbal communication 3.Opertion Management 4. physical distribution 5.Mode of transporataion 6.Benifits of Total Quality Management 7.Event anaylisis Objective paper is mostly in Marketing, Advertisement.Sales Promotin, Accountin & communication.

Another Paper:

Paper time: 5:00 pm date: 13/02/2011 subjective Questions are: 1- what are the major Function of Sales Manger(3 marks) 2- Define "Enterprise Resource Planning"(3 marks) 3-Define Just-in-time inventory system(3 marks) 4-Define "Management Information System(MIS)? how it is different from Market research.(5 marks) 5- Define LIFO And FIFO(5 marks) 6- Define Advertising? Describe its Various Kinds?(5 marks) 7- Define Joint venture? Elaborate its significant Benefits?(5 marks)
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