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Friday, February 18, 2011

STA301 Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

STA301 Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

describe the formula for hypergeometric distribution? 2 marks
what is graphical representation? 2 marks
data was given to find range and coefficient of range? 3 marks
what is the t formula for paired distribution? 3marks.
Find the value of n, values for population mean, sample mean, standrd deviation, and t wre given? 3 marks. (these all values have to put in t-static)
what is the probablity that atleast one head occurs if a coin tossed 6 times succesively? 5 marks
90% confidence interval was to find for variance of population? 5 marks
find first 2 moments for function with respect to mean? (same exmple on pg 187 of sta hndouts.) 5 marks
mcqs wre totally from lec 1 to 22.
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