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Saturday, May 14, 2011

IT430 VU Midterm Current Paper (May 2011)


Total question 23

16 question of 01 number (objective)

03 question of 02 numbers (subjective)

02 question of 03 numbers

02 question of 05 numbers

70% quiz from old papers


1-advantage of virtual private network (2)

2-how can we prevent our computer from virus attack (5) (virus protection page no 94)

3-what SQL stand for and its usage (2)

4(write html code for making borders which align left border color green.(5)

5-what is the function of reset button and submit button.

6-one more question about html about the functions of the tags (5)


Total 23 Qz thy 16 MCQz and remaining subjective.

Subjectives mien ye Qz thy:

Advantages of VPN 3 marks

Lesson # 19 ki example Hidden fields wali, oske bar poocha gia tha ke iss kia function hy 5 marks

Variables diey thy ke inn mien konsa valid aur invalid hey justify with reason 5 marks

JDBC & ODBC kia hien 2 marks

Css ka aik code likhna tha 2 marks

HTML ka code likhna tha for an arry 3 marks

Maxlength text field mien ku use hota hy 2 marks

Old papers se bhi Qz aaey hien.

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