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Thursday, May 12, 2011

MTH302 - Business Mathematics & Statistics VU Midterm Current Paper (May 2011)

Mine Current Paper of Business Mathematics & Statistics (MTH 302)

Total Questions: 26
Total Marks: 41

20 were MCQs, 4 short n 2 were long questions
Mostly Mcqs were from past papers.

Question 21 : A Television originally sold for $ 586 and was marked down to sell for $400. Find the marked rate. (2)

Question 22: What are Fixed Costs? (2) FROM CHAP # 20 page 137

Question 23: A manufacturing company sells its newly launched product at RS 500 and gaining 20% of selling price. Then Find its cost price. (3)

Question 24: …… (3) MTH302 - Business Mathematics & Statistics VU Midterm Current Paper (May 2011)

Question 25: If 4/7 of a tank can be filled in 2 minutes. How many minutes will it take to fill the whole tank? (5)

Question 25 :
FC = Rs.3136
VC = Rs.157per unit
S= Rs.185 per unit
Production Capacity = 320 units
Calculate BreakEven Point in Terms of Rupees and Unit. (5) CHAP # 22
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