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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mkt630 VU Midterm Current Papers Fall 2011 of Virtual University of Paksitan (

Mkt630 VU Midterm Current Papers Fall 2011 of Virtual University of Paksitan (

22 mcqz .....17 was from past papers
questions was 2 much conceptual and complicated
related to primary data,factors to expand a brand/product in an other country


1 )about primary data
2) factors to expand a brand in new global market
3)why government interfere in defence law ????? istrah ka question tha
4)difference b/w open end and close end questions.
5)last wala ajib sa tha

ya paper international marketing ka kam or research method ka ziada lag raha tha :D :p


objective questions:
total 22 objective questions
almost 16-17 objective questions were from past papers 

subjective questions:

total 5 questions
Compare and contrast closed-end questions and open-end questions for gathering data. 
Differentiate these two terms with at least one (5 marks)

define fixed exchange system and flexible exchange system and their characteristics (5 marks)

3 questions were of 3,3,3 marks and based on concepts.there were scenario and then the solution was required.
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